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This S'porean coach has travelled the world in search of new health and fitness secrets

Originally published at YP.SG

Meet Coach Jonathan Wong. The Singaporean health and fitness entrepreneur who proves that perseverance and continuous learning is the key to success.

In 2005 he started Genesis gym in a 600 square foot studio in River Valley. He now has a total space of 14,000 square feet in four outlets. That includes three studios in Singapore and one that recently opened in Beijing. 

Since the beginning of Genesis gym, Jonathan’s aim has been to bring a fresh perspective on health and fitness services. Curiosity stricken with a desire to get healthier, I decided to try Genesis gym’s 12 weeks’ programme.

A Journey Towards Knowledge

“Coach Jon” as he is commonly called has acquired his skills through years of hard work, passion and extensive research.

In fact, he reveals: “I have travelled more than 200,000 kilometres and visited more than 15 countries to attend over 40 industry related certifications and mentorships in multiple fields of health care”. 

His travels include spending a significant amount of time in the United States and China. He has also gone on research trips to a number of other countries including Cyprus and Ireland.

Through his travels and experiences, Jonathan has graduated with a Doctor of Science in Holistic Medicine. He has further gained a good understanding within the areas of “neurology, anatomy, nutrition, biochemistry, sports performance, motivational psychology and exercise science”.

A New Approach To Fitness 

To pass on his knowledge, Coach Jon created the Genesis Academy. In his words, it is a “specially designed, in-house coach development programme” that allows the Genesis coaches to learn from each other and work as a closely knit team.

The Genesis fitness system is thus different from others in Singapore. Inspired by Jonathan’s knowledge and holistic science, it offers 12 weeks’ customised training programmes. You then start working on your programme not with one, but with a team of personal trainers.

Your progression is then put under the microscope by the Genesis professionals who seek out the best ways for you to achieve great results.

The coaches actively help you exercise as efficiently as possible. They also analyse your nutrition and sleep habits to help you make changes for a healthier lifestyle.

Tailor-Made Programmes

Genesis gym is accessible to all but especially targets clients who lead busy lives and often don’t have the time to prioritise exercise.

There are suitable programmes for all kinds of athletes: whether you are at beginner, intermediate or even advanced levels. One of Genesis gym’s clients even broke the Guinness world record for most pull-ups in one minute!

So whether you are looking to lose weight, get toned, gain muscle or even improve your posture, you will be assigned a fitness and nutrition programme that best fits your needs and expectations.

Every customised programme is planned meticulously even before you step into the gym. In fact, to help you reach your goal, the trainers take into account your health history, genetic tendencies, past injuries and fitness capacities.

In my experience, the Genesis professionals are incredibly friendly and supportive. They are visibly competent and make it their priority to help you achieve your goals.

A Vision

Jonathan has a vision. He wants to “give personal training at Genesis Gym the reputation of a professional service – just like other healthcare professions”.

Furthermore, Genesis does not offer an ordinary gym membership. It is meant to be an investment into health and fitness education. The point is for you to learn as much as possible in order to gradually be able to work out on your own.

I have now been going to Genesis gym 3-5 times a week for 9 weeks. Having never really been into exercising before, I did not think that I would have been able to keep it up (and continue to!).

I am definitely getting fitter by the day. I exercise in a way I never did before, eat much healthier and sleep at way less crazy hours. So if there is one thing I can say to sum up my experience, it’s that I have never been in a better shape than I am now.

Jonathan’s goal is to export his concept. He tells me that by 2027 he hopes to be able to help as many as 100 million people in Asia on their course towards better health. One thing is certain: we are rooting for him to succeed in his quest.