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5 minutes with ... Fiona Diamond

Originally published in The Mayfair Magazine, London.


Founder of yacht design and project management company Seymour Diamond

“My taste lies with anything elegantly classic that has a modern twist”

I was born in Madrid, then moved to Sweden and Holland, finally settling in the UK when I was 12 years old. My father worked for Shell, so we moved countries every few years – probably where my love of travel originated.

London is my home now. I moved here as soon as I could to get a job and be self-sufficient.

My first ‘proper’ job was at Asprey, in the antique silver department in the centre of Mayfair.

One of my earliest memories is a trip to Abu Dhabi at the age of five. Nothing but desert, camels, Bedouin tents with exotic fragrances and being allowed to eat with my hands.

I’ve always had a love of maths and a creative mind, so was drawn to anything to do with proportions and patterns.

My work is like packing a suitcase, working out how to fit both the owner’s requirements and discreet but efficient crew operations into one yacht.

My inspiration comes from nature and Gaudì. Anything organic that has a sense of style and a touch of the unexpected.

Holidays usually involve a beach and sunshine. I recently visited Pink Sands in the Bahamas. It’s stunning.

We once installed a garden with real grass on the aft deck of a 70-metre motor yacht for the owner’s dog.

My taste lies with anything elegantly classic with a modern twist and interesting textures. I love interpreting a client’s brief and creating something personal for them to enjoy.

The Monaco Yacht Show in September combines good business with good parties.

Our office in Mayfair is a convenient location for our many international clients. My first jobs were in the area, so it feels like a home from home.

I like to eat out at Wild Honey, The Square, Bellamy’s, Sexy Fish or Crussh when I’m in a rush.

Mini pork pies are my guilty pleasure, though.